Posted by: mylittlesnow | March 3, 2009

Barisan acknowledging that PR still the legit gov in Perak?

I don’t geddit. BN made a coup and took over Perak gov. In fact, they also appointed their own Menteri Besar already with the consent from Sultan of Perak. Ok, so they are the legit government as far as they claim.

Now, the assembly speaker is calling for an emergency meeting. And suddenly, BN is trying to stop him from having that emergency meeting. We see the assembly secretary coming out having his blah-blah-blah and it doesn’t seem to work. Then there are words going around that the state secretariat will be blocked and no one will be allowed to enter. blah-blah blah.

So i was wondering, if the current Pakatan Rakyat gov is no longer valid, why in the blue hell la does BN gives a damn about this? Why all the big fuss and hoo-hah going on to discredit the assembly speaker? If it ain’t valid or legit, then why care about it? Let those Pakatan fellas syok sendiri la, right?

Unless, Barisan knows that they have shot themselves in the foot and trying to cover up their ass now? In a way, acknowleding that what Pakatan Rakyat did is correct and legit? Hmmm, interesting eh? 🙂


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