Posted by: mylittlesnow | March 2, 2009

iphone Game: iDracula – Undead Awakening ~ 5 star !

iDiablo in disguised?
iDiablo in disguised?

Well, this is definitely one of the best game i’ve played so far on iphone. Like most other iphone games, it’s pretty simple and straight forward. Just move and shoot. Think about Diablo. It’s almost similar to Diablo, except that it’s a pretty strip down version of it. Basically you just walk around shooting different kind of monsters and along the way, you will pick up better weapons. There’s arrow, shotgun, rifle and machine gun. Once you’ve collected enough points of experience, you can also upgrade some skills, like Ninja (ability to avoid monster attack) or speed up your movement or increase chance of getting better weapon. And here’s the best part, it only costs USD0.99 and after conversion, it’s less than RM4. Hell, the Char Kuey Teow that i ordered this morning already cost me RM3.80 so imaging sacrificing a plate of char kuey teow and you can enjoy this game almost everyday. It’s super duper bang for buck in my opinion. So far, i’m still addicted to this game after playing it for a few days, so i suppose the gameplay is pretty good eh. 🙂

freeweelee’s rating: 5 star !!!



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  2. hi, good review especially when you do it based on your own experience play it.

    I’m quote your review, hope its ok wit you. 😉

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