Posted by: mylittlesnow | March 2, 2009

An open letter to all insurance agents out there…

Damn. I hate to write this but i feel that all ya insurance agents out there should really know about this. Put it this way, we know that you guys are making a living out of this and it’s your job to sell your product. But when you guys start to become very persistent, then it’s gonna get quite annoying for your potential customers. And along the way, you might stand to loose a few friends as well.

Think about it. We’re not stupid and we sure know that you guys are insurance agents. But can you just kindly learn how to take a ‘No’ as an answer? You guys should learn how to read the body language of your customers and don’t blindly push the sales of your products. This is an example/real case happening previously.

Agent: Hi, interested to buy life insurance?
Friend: uhh-hmm… no at this moment, thanks…
Agent: What about car? Do you plan to get car insurance? I do sell them too.
Friend: Well, already have existing insurance plan with my car agent last time.
Agent: What about house? We do sell MRTA also you know.
Friend: Ok, i’ll consider that and let you know if i’m interested.

After sometime, suddenly pop up and ask again…

Agent: Hey, i heard you got a baby already?
Friend: Well, yes… 🙂
Agent: Do you have any plan for your baby?

Now this is the f*cking part that really pisses me off. Instead of sharing the joy with your friends but you keep on asking about insurance plan only. Personally, i have 2 friends (insurance agents la) that asks me the same damn thing. So for me, it’s time to say goodbye to my friends perhaps?

So to ya’all insurance agents out there, remember, we understand that it’s your job but just try don’t get on the nerves of your customer la ok? Be sensible, be sensitive… whatever…



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