Posted by: mylittlesnow | February 24, 2009

Utusan cooking ‘bubur cha cha’ again…

Looks like someone is up to something yeeeeeee-vil again (think Dr. Evil from Austin Powers, digging his gold mine). And that ‘someone’ is none other than our friend Utusan. Gosh, what kind of meal are they trying to make out of this? Just go and check it out yourself man, here’s the link, ‘DAP hina Islam?

I am totally speechless man. What kind of article is that until it deserve a front page news? What an utterly disgusting article. There is no single religion above any other religion la, come’on. Everyone is free to embrace whatever religion and there is no such freaking thing as Islam above Christian or Hindu above Christian. What a total crap! It’s between you and GOD for pete’s sake. I sincerely believe that in every religion, it’s really between you and the God that you trust and that’s it. It doesn’t matter if other people did not trust that religion or if other people is cursing this and that religion but end of the day, you should just focus on your ownself.

It is definitely ok to me if you were to spread the good news about your religion to your friends and family members but it is up to them to embrace it. But you can’t condemn other people for believing in something else.

Now i know how shitty Utusan is. So to all Utusan readers out there, i truly and sincerely believe that you are mature enough not to buy into this shit (do we have something worse than shit here, cause i wanna use that word). Gosh, i am still in a state of shock, cause it never crosses my mind that Utusan is capable of publishing this article.

And oh yeah btw, Lim Guan Eng has come forward to clarify that the council did not exist at all in the first place. For this, i’ll reserve my comment first because we don’t know who’s telling the truth at the moment but even if it’s true, what a totally fucked up article man… *puke*…



  1. […] Martin’s World! created an interesting post today on Utusan cooking ‘bubur cha cha’ again…Here’s a short outlineEveryone is free to embrace whatever religion and there is no such freaking thing as Islam above BChristian/B or Hindu above BChristian/B. […]

  2. FYI – the president of MAINPP (don’t you just love the acronym?) is also a BN ADUN (for Permatang Berangan).

    BN is using the state religious department, in collusion with Utusan, to incite religious hatred. And unfortunately, many Malays treat Utusan like divinely revealed scripture…

    Man… the gutter politics has taken a life of it’s own… sad and utterly disgusting.

  3. Great blog, will read more when I have time! xx

  4. Only malay bn/umno morons read that filthy pp,other malays use to bakar sampah and there are others use to wrap taik kucing / makcik ,pakcik ,ah kow and thambykana read utusan meloya in my kampong.The kampong folks in warong kopi only talk about news heard from their children from towns.BLoggers news only la..hei dont play play!!

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