Posted by: mylittlesnow | February 23, 2009

Who’s actually telling the truth?

This is how it goes. Previously, once upon a time, no-lah, actually a little while ago, my hard disk crashed before and that time i was frantically searching for a software to recover my datas. And so, i came across many hard disk recovery softwares, many of them claiming to be able to recover the data from the shittest ever hard disk condition. And then now, i’m trying to delete some files from my hard disk and i wish that my files will be securely deleted. And so, the search the best file shredder was on and true enough, i found a few softwares claiming to be able to securely delete files in your hard disk.

So it’s like the best armor out there vs the best weapon. The strongest impenetrable shield vs the sharpest pierce-through-all spear. So actually who’s right and who’s wrong? 😛



  1. I heard Shift-Delete will securely delete your file. But some ppl say its a Windows command and you can always use an application outside Windows to recover it.

    • i don’t think shift-delete will really secure delete your file… but worth checking out…heard of that before….

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