Posted by: mylittlesnow | February 16, 2009

Fuuyoh, our chief investigating officer ‘veli good’ ah!

Is this the standard of our current Chief Investigating Officer ar? Is he trying to learn from Mahathir to reply “dah lupa” whenever being bombarded with ‘hard to answer’ question from defence lawyer? In case you guys don’t know what i’m talking about, i’m referring to the current RPK’s trial for writing seditious article ‘Lets send Altantuya’s murderer to hell’. Yeah, after so long, they are only starting the trial right now. But fair also because look how long the original murder trial is taking. Oh, by the way, instead of only answering with ‘dah lupa’, Mr. Gan has since further added ‘No’, ‘I don’t agree’ and ‘We did not investigate’ as part of the standard replies. Soon, we can have a book entitled “Court case for Dummies: How to bullshit your way out of lawsuits”.

Anyway, here’s the ‘dah lupa’ statement from our dear Gan:

Gobind said that Uuriintuya Gal-Ochir, a Mongolian, alleged that there was no travel record of Altantuya and herself coming into Malaysia via Beijing, and she went on to say it has been deleted.

Gan agreed, but when asked whether the travel records were investigated, Gan said that he could not remember.

What the f*ck? This is a vital information we’re talking about here. The travel record being deleted, and as a chief investigating officer, he can’t remember at all if any investigation is being done? Come one la.

Ok, here’s more. Read the following conversation between defence lawyer and Mr. Gan, and check out the item highlighted. I don’t know if i should be laughing out loud or we all should be damn pissed with the replies given by (again i must highlight) Chief Investigating Officer.

Gobind: Although it was not investigated, you said the statement in the article in your police report that it was fabricated?

Gan: Yes, it is fabricated by Raja Petra because during Altantuya’s murder investigation, there was no witness who came forward to testify on that matter. Therefore, in my opinion it was fabricated. *Err, police investigate based on facts or based on the officer’s opinion? die la like that? in my opinion, this guy sniff drugs, so go to hell, bang bang, dead, end of story*

Gobind: You expect it to fall on your laps is it? As the investigating officer, shouldn’t you investigate the statement? * HA HA HA HA HA LOL * Yeah, Chief Investigating Officer is a dungu la, need spoon feeding*

Gan: I got this fact when I was browsing the article which was written by Raja Petra, and I find that the facts were fabricated. *Fuu-yoh, ini Malaysian standard punya, i find it fabricated and full stop! Like when Razak says Najis is innocent, because he just know. Period!*

Gobind: Do you agree with that it would have been easy, to ask Najib whether he had written such a letter?

Gan: I don’t agree, that is not the issue. I found it to be fabricated. *What is this? Die die also dowan to ask Najis? Is it hard to ask just one question? How did he find it fabricated?*

Gobind: How did you know Najib did not write the letter, given the fact that you neither asked him nor officers from the various embassies?

Gan: The facts surfaced on the website before the fact came up in Altantuya’s murder investigation and no witness testified and therefore I supposed that the facts were fabricated. *sheesh, speechless. totally speechless brudder. Suppose, what on earth do you mean “I suppose” again? Aren’t you suppose to investigate it instead of suppose? So can i say I suppose that you bullshit your way to your position as a Chief Investigating Officer? Or they wrongly put you in the post, should be Chief In Orifice instead? *

If you read the conversation above, instead of accusing RPK (well, in the first place, who says RPK is the one writing the article anyway?), I think we can safely accuse Mr. Gan of fabricating the end result because he assumes everything. Either he cannot remember, he forgets, or he assumes and that’s it. Come on everybody, lets give a big clap for Malaysia’s idiot of the year. I think this guy’s in the running for the champion position la, although he still trails behind our beloved Home Minister. hehehe…

Whatever it is, i think eventually people will believe RPK more than they believe our Chief Investigating Officer. Like i said again, should i be laughing out loud now, or should i feel damn pissed? Malu…malu…

Ok ok, here’s the last one, when you ask our Chief Investigating Officer to post for photo shoot session, and you tell him to show two thumbs up pls, and this is what he will show to you:

Two thumbs up to our Chief Investigating Officer, hehe!

Two thumbs up to our Chief Investigating Officer, hehe!


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