Posted by: mylittlesnow | February 11, 2009

Is there really such thing as lifetime warranty?

Recently, i was kinda forced to shop for a new wireless router. My old wireless G router is not transmitting the wireless connection strong enough to be detected by my PC on the first floor of my house. And whoa, i didn’t know that there are quite a few choices available now for wireless router. I can’t even find a wireless B router now, the minimum spec being sold now is G and then after that we have N, N+ and N1. And before N, we also have G MIMO. To explain in short, the speed from lowest to fastest should be in this order, G -> G MIMO -> N (sometimes referred to as N MIMO), N+ and finally N1.

So anyway, back to my original topic of discussion here, it seems that one of the brand selling wireless router, which is Belkin, that company is offering a lifetime warranty for its product. I was like whoa, dude, lifetime? As in when i’m old, lets say 70 yrs old and if i am still using this very same Belkin wireless router, i will be offered a 1-1 exchange or at least you guys can fix it for me? What a smart marketing gimmick huh? And true enough, i was totally swayed over by the word ‘lifetime warranty’, and so i am a proud owner of a Belkin wireless N router now. Hehe, and i will definitely keep the customer hotline number as well the purchase receipt. There’s a few possibilities here should i claim my warranty somewhere in the future, lets say 20 years down the road.

1. Customer hotline number no longer exist.
2. Or better still, Belkin brand no longer exist in the market (ok la, maybe 50 yrs down the road, who knows?)
3. I open up my drawer and find out that termites have already eaten both my receipt and warranty card, totally nothing left.
4. Or simply, to my own amazement, someone actually answered the customer hotline, asked for my product serial number and detect it in their system, and offered me a dinosaur model wireless N router as replacement. By that time, we might have probably reached wireless Z already…

So which one of the above will it be? Hehe, anyone care to share their experience on lifetime warranty products?



  1. hehehe…lifetime.. arguable.. lifetime of the item or lifetime of yourself?? :p

  2. lifetime warranty refers to the lifetime expectancy for the item la bro… not ur lifetime… hehehe

    diff products have diff product expectancy wan ma… 🙂

    • haha… even if it’s the lifetime of the product itself, it’s still ambiguous to me… but definitely a smart marketing strategy… between lifetime product vs 1 yr warranty, which one you will choose? 😉 or between 3 yrs warranty vs lifetime?

      i bet you can’t find anywhere stated in the brochure/box on the life expectancy of the product…

  3. i’ll choose 3 yrs… at least, it’s clear-cut… besides, if it’s a compute-related product, it’ll probably be obsolete by the 4th year….

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