Posted by: mylittlesnow | February 8, 2009

Useless newspaper in Malaysia – jangan hina rakyat !!!

I was buying the Star newspaperthis morning when something else caught my eye. On the front page of Utusan Malaysia, ‘Jangan Hina Raja Melayu’. And so here we go again. The newspaper is again at work trying to spin another issue out of the current ones. Everyone knows that the main issue everyone is discussing about these days is the Perak gov take over by BN. And it’s not that Pakatan Rakyat is not willing to let go control of the state government, but rather, what Pakatan is asking for is to follow the due process. And based on that, i don’t see anything wrong with it. And then now when BN forcefully takes over the state gov with the help from the Sultan, and when Pakatan is mulling the option of taking the issue to court, here comes Utusan again. Last time, you see ‘Jangan cabar hak-hak Melayu’, and now you see ‘Jangan Hina Raja Melayu’.

Clearly, they are trying to instill hatred and caused confusion among the Malay readers yet again. Smart ass, Perakians are probably damn pissed off right now because this is not the government that they voted for but what Utusan is doing now is they are trying to rally the Malays to turn their hatred towards Pakatan instead.  So in the end, Pakatan loses both the control of state government as well as the supportof the people. What they did not write or try to explain is, the Sultan of Perak, possibly did not act within the confines of the Perak Constitution. And because of that, even Mahathir himself said that it is possible to bring the Sultan to court. So is Utusan trying to say that Sultan is more powderful than the Constitution? If that’s the case, we might as well ‘bubarkan’ our parliament straight away and let the Yang di-Pertuan Agong rule Malaysia. No need constitution, no need parliament, no need Prime Minister. Did Utusan remember previously when the Sultan of Perlis and Terengganu intervene and stop the appointment of MBs of UMNO’s choice? Back then, did they smack UMNO for not respecting the Sultan back then? Well, as far as i can remember, no.

I’ve never bother to read any Malay dailies previously, but now i think it’s good for us to read them once in a while so know the type of news being fed to the Malay readers. And to be honest, i am quite pissed and shocked myself this morning when i read the headlines. This is not what newspaper should be doing, instead of bringing unity and peace to everyone, they seem to be doing otherwise. And I can only wonder when this will end?



  1. Terima Kaseh. Pandangan yg bernas. Akhbar2 begini dan parti2 yg sewaktu dengannya tunggu saat kejatuhan sebagaimana pasaran saham wallstreet. Dan kita doakan agar masyarakat Melayu saling memahami dgn masyarakat bukan Melayu dan sebaliknya ke arah sebuah masyarakat Malaysia yg berwibawa, berkebajikan dan tiada rasuah serta Raja yg patuh pada perlembagaan.

  2. prime media is surat khabar lama!!..old newspaper!!!…sooo…soollylaah!!!selita pun!!! aarrrgghh puih!!

  3. no la…for lots of rural folks out there…probably it is still the only ‘surat khabar’ that they know…

  4. u see i know utusan when i’m 6 years old around late 70 and still reading until my uni years. but after reformasi around 2000 utusan no more in my hearts. boycot all the way

  5. yeah!! the only surat khabar they know to bungkus barang ma,woi..tak main sulat khabar lama..

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