Posted by: mylittlesnow | February 5, 2009

What for we vote? waste of time only…

With all the frogs around, i started to wonder, why in the blue hell i go and vote in the first place? I vote rocket, then rocket will fly to dacing. Or if i vote dacing, dacing later rocket to PKR. So why i bother go and vote la, you tell me. Crap. If this goes on like that, next time no need to vote. Let all the parties sort out themselves. All group together in a room, then everyone split to their own respective parties first. Then dangle the carrot (or mosquitoe/insects in this case, since they are frogs) and see who wanna hop. Then once everything finalize, then only confirm who has the biggest majority. All can be done inside a hall. No need hundreds of thousands of ppl’s effort to go and vote, end up also no point. So you tell me la, as a voter, pissed off or not? FUCK !!!

Side topic a bit, Najib says that there wasn’t any money involved with regards to the defection. DUH !!! like, DUHHHH !!! Takkan Najib says, “Oh yes, we give them money to come over”, then pose with a big smile. Hello? Siapa go ask that kind of stupid question, as if you will not know the answer, sheesh… i’m going to sleep now, if i can la. Damn pissed now…

And oh yeah, btw, lets do another analysis here. Remember Bala? Before and after the SD, you should know which pic shows that he’s under duress right?

Under duress or not?

Under duress or not?

And then, lets take a look at Ms. Hee as well today. Do you think she looks happy or if she’s smiling? Or do you think she’s under duress as well?

Tell me, whos happy and whos not?

Tell me, who looks happy and who's not?

Again, only this kind of shit can happen in Malaysia. Frog shit for now. 😛 Good night.



  1. Still must vote. Vote the man/woman with character! Don’t vote for frogs! Trouble is the man turned into a frog after being given a terrible potion they couldn’t resist. We vote till there are no frogs left, I guess. They drank the potion with the curse that will change them into ugly frog princes/princesses!

  2. they were beautiful princes/prinsesses,then came this satanly creature one kiss from the piggly bank pooof!!! ….lompat si katak lompat ..lompat sibaboon lompat in a how? year of the bull,charged them? or quitely eat your grass if there is any left

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