Posted by: mylittlesnow | February 5, 2009

Perakians, it’s time to show the People’s elbow…

Wahhhhhh lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala lauuuu…. if you smell, what the Perakians….. are cookin’ (the Rock theme song pls…) Oooh yes. Oh hell yes, it’s time for the Perakians to execute the finishing move. It doesn’t matter if EC says by election is not needed, it doesn’t matter if the resignation letters are all invalid, it doesn’t matter if the Sultan says ‘Elek, state assembly no need dissolve or melt…’, it doesn’t matter cause the people said so!

We don’t have to resort to rough house tactic to show our displeasure but there are a few, which in my opinion, we can disagree in peace. For a start, lets boycott all functions related to Perak gov. Any celebration, or open house, boycott to the max, do not attend and let them know that we do not welcome ‘self elect’ gov instead of people’s government.

Next, we can also boycott all BN MBs, especially frogs. Don’t visit their service centre and isolate them altogether. Let them know that if they leave us, we will leave them as well. They have betrayed the people’s choice, they forget that we vote them not because of them but partly also due to the cause they are representing, pakatan rakyat, keadilan for all etc.

If Pakatan is organizing a gathering tonight at Ipoh stadium, be there to show your support. 100,000 fans can gather and watch a football match, but 100,000 people gather to watch a ceramah is considered illegal. What crap is this? If i decide to go to Gurney Drive tonight and 100,000 decided to go and gather there, to enjoy the cool sea breeze, then also illegal gathering or not? All masuk lokap, then how? perak jail overcrowded ar? 😛

Anyway, talking about boycott, it’s all talk only la. I believe a lot of people out there will be enticed to get near the frog MPs once there are free stuff around. Free food, free ang pows, you know la, Malaysians. I wonder how many can maintain their discipline and really boycott… I wonder…



  1. Seeing is believing,give food eat ,give kain pakailah, give ang pow take and ask for more.afterall its rakyat’s money so what?Votes,solly lah we give pakat pakat one!

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