Posted by: mylittlesnow | February 4, 2009

Perak, gone in 10 months…

It was definitely a shortlived joy for Pakatan rakyat huh? 10 months only to govern the state and now back to BN hands. Well, what can i say, this is the current politic scenario in Malaysia. One word to describe, chaotic! Suddenly, it appears to me that it does not matter anymore who is actually governing which state. I’m more worried about not having jobs right now and i’m sure many of the Malaysians out there is having the same feeling.

Companies are shutting down or laying off their workers and when it comes to this situation, does it matter if it’s BN or Pakatan Rakyat in power? I’m getting sick and fed up with what’s happening in Malaysian politics. Even PKR, who started the frog jumping by getting the Bota assemblyman to join PKR. Blardy hell, in the first place, they should have just stick with the mandate given by the people of Perak. Now, BN can say what they want cause they can definitely use the excuse, ‘you’ve done it as well, don’t blame us!’

So how? Arrgghh, i believe it’s going to be an uphill task for Pakatan Rakyat to wrest back Perak from Barisan Nasional. Afterall, Barisan have the EC behind them, and they have millions or billions of cash behind them as well, and probably God knows if they have the Sultan behind their back as well. Only the people’s power can stop Barisan from taking over Perak but if there ain’t any snap polls, then there ain’t any chance the people’s voice can be heard.

I just hope that once and for all, lets settle this politics dispute and just move on with the governing. Lets stop frogging around, enough is enough, no more katak si katak lompat, lets wait 4 more years and that time, you can frog all you want. For now, to both PKR and Barisan leaders, please save our asses, we will definitely appreciate it if you can save thousands of jobs out there in Malaysia…


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