Posted by: mylittlesnow | February 3, 2009

Blazingly fast internet speed connection from Streamyx?

Ok. I just got my Streamyx connection up and running today and I was kinda eager to know how fast the connection is compared to my old place. So click click and away, i went to Speedtest website to get my internet speed measured. And i don’t know, the result somewhat left me speechless. Is my connection really that fast? Do Streamyx really offer such a blazing fast connection? I have yet to be able to test my download on torrents, still waiting for my USB wireless adapter, so at this moment all i can do is to try surfing the web using my laptop only. So far so good, not bad at all! Web pages loaded amazingly fast and there really wasn’t any lag at all. What a big jump compared to my previous experience using Celcom broadband.

Here’s the result from Speedtest. I subscribe to 1Mbps package only but i’m getting more? Hmm, sometimes when you’re being screwed for way too long, you will really get surprised when the results is unexpected. Anyway, for once, a big kudos to Tmnet. It took a few days only for me to switch my Streamyx connection and overall, i’m satisfied with their customer service as well. I called twice and they manage to update me on the status. I hope Telekom can keep up this good work. As for me, i’m gonna enjoy my new internet connection now…back to web surfing for me… 🙂

11:43pm update: apparently, i was kidding meself and it’s a case of syok sendiri. i forgot that there’s a disclaimer, speed on best effort only and it’s not guaranteed and true enough, the speed dropped a lot when i retest the speed again.


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