Posted by: mylittlesnow | February 2, 2009

Lets bet on next person to go missing in Malaysia…

Remember this name. Fauzi Muda. This fella is quite daring, and he has come out with a 3 page statuory declaration, claiming that Najib offered him RM50mil to secure his crossovers as well as others Fauzi managed to convince. Seriously, until recently, i have hardly heard anything about statuory declaration but nowadays, it seems that anyone can simply go and make statuory declarations. How true that’s gonna be, i don’t know because how can we really know the real truth if it’s just coming out from someone’s mouth? I can go and make a statuory declaration as well but without any real conrete proof or evidence, do i expect people to believe me?

Anyway, putting aside the SD, i think this Fauzi guy should be damn worried about his personal safety. Will we see Fauzi appearing the next few days, making a big U-turn on his statuory declaration? Will Fauzi just disappeared and never to be found again, like what happen to our friend Bala? Interesting isn’t it? and you can only get this in Malaysia… so stay tune… and God knows what will happen next… 🙂 It’s definitely nicer than watching any TVB dramas out there now, those dramas punya script sudah basi, boring, i’d rather watch our Malaysian politics soap opera… hehehe…



  1. 80:20-no election but fauzi disappear
    70:30-no election but fauzi hide/seek
    60:40-election but 3goons get rich
    50:50-perak state election

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