Posted by: mylittlesnow | February 2, 2009

Anyone wanna coach Malaysia’s football team?

25 years. RM300 million. Yes, RM300 million! I did not even know that we have spent that much on Malaysian football for the past 25 years. Yikes! And look at where we are now? Even our tiny neighbour, Singapore, is way ahead of us in football. Shame shame la…

And today, i read from the Star newspaper, not so surprising news, our national coach and team manager for Malaysia’s football team were both sacked. Haha, yeah, not surprised at all la. They hire and fire coaches. That’s what FAM likes to do. Hire, then fire, then hire, then fire. Just a few days ago, FAM president, Sultan Ahmad Shah, came out and declare that he’s going to crack the whip or whip the crack, whatever, and i was like pretty impressed. I thought, finally, ahh… we’re really gonna do something about it. But then today, my big fat hope of balloon just burst and collapse. Here we go again. Instead of sacking the coach, why not consider asking the president to step down? After 25 years and 300 millions spent, still not enough time and money ka?

I doubt if they hire a new coach and manager, things will change la. Gone were the good old days when i will look forward to weekends matches to go to stadium to watch live football matches. That was like easily 10 years ago. Now? I don’t even care at all what’s happening on Malaysian football. Yup, i bet most of us football fans out there feels the same way as well. We’ve totally lost interest in Malaysian football.

So to FAM, do what you want la, cause we don’t care anymore. Any i wonder who’s stupid enough to take up the most impossible job in the world, be the coach for Malaysia’s football team. It’s really mission impossible la dei, hehe. But maybe it’s good as a part time job, to earn some quick bucks before you get fired… hmm… not bad huh?



  1. The only interesting i’ve watched about Malaysian footballl so far was the airing of the coach confession about the deplorable standard of games. I can’t recall his name but he was an Indian coach..he seems honest about his views..which i feel anyone can agree with…but ah but then…instead of sacking people he should be in the reformation of football team and work together with anyone else to uplift the standard of football..i think with RM300mil..tats quite feasible…Cristiano Ronaldo was just a kid in the back alley of Portugal before he was noticed by Sir Alex Ferguson..its the talents that we should be looking for…real talent…from very young age…

    • yup…i think that indian coach requested FAM to get back to basics…to search for talents around 12-16yrs old and develop them from there… i don’t believe Malaysia is lacking in talent when it comes to football… we have a lot of kampungs and lorongs to play football as well over here… hehe (kampungs/lorongs…about the same as back alley in portugal, LOL)

  2. Correction for omitted words

    Line 1- thing

    Line 6-being sacked by FAM

  3. Malaysian football would only be saved when the top management steps down… If one coach do not display results and the second, third and fourth also did the same, then there’s nothing really wrong with him. Me an ardent fan, I have give up Msian football since the last Asian Cup.

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