Posted by: mylittlesnow | January 24, 2009

Good cop or bad cop?

Well, it seems that recently our men in blue have been on the receiving end lately, getting lots of flaks for all the wrong reasons. The latest case is the death of a detainee, Kugan Ananthan. How he died, i don’t think we all know exactly what happened yet, but then we should know how it works inside the police station, you know, those interrogation stuff. Torturing, whacking, shit happens inside there ya know. Obviously, we get all those imagination from the scenes we watched from movies la, hehe, but i strongly believe that it’s as close as the real deal.

So, assuming that you were the police and you were assigned to get some information from this bloody crook you just caught. And this guy is involved in lots and lots of theft cases all over Malaysia, maybe 50 victims easily. From various information sources collected, you highly suspect that you’re going to nail this syndicate gang big time if this crook speaks up. So what will you do? Do you think by serving a cup of coffee and asking that fella nicely, he will answer your question? Do you really think this way gonna works effectively? Hell no, no way. Definitely no way. So if that’s the case then, what will you do? Seriously, i myself might even resort to the rough house tactic if i am the police guy. These crooks are ciminals and i think the tagline ‘No pain, no gain’ applies here. If you ain’t bashing it up, i dare to bet with you that you will have 0.01% chance of that criminal talking.

Ok, forget about the police, what if you were one of the theft victim. What if you own a nice car and one day you just lost it because some asshole steals it from you. And then he get caught and you know he’s easily involved in many more cases. Do you wish that he should be punished? Are you going to support the police to torture the crook in order to get information so we can charge him and his gang in court? You might say no, but i think if you were one of the victims, you might be so damn freaking angry that you don’t even care if that guy just die.

So what’s the conclusion? I don’t know. On one hand, there’s this human rights thingie, and no one should deserve such a hell of a beating up. But on the other hand, if this tactic is not used, then we might be going in circles without getting any real information to prosecute the criminal. It’s like another saying, which goes ‘Spare the rod, spoil the child’. But maybe this time the caning went overboard, but accidents do happen, right? I don’t know, this is a very weird situation for me. On one hand, i do feel for the victim’s family, but on the other hand, i would like to acknowledge the police’s hard work in catching criminals and making sure that they spend the rest of their time in jail. Ok, i know you guys will definitely complain that Malaysia is no longer safe right now, but lets be fair, there are still good cops around out there, and maybe my comments only apply to those good cops sans the bad ones.

So probably this is something open ended for now, it’s just that i feel if the cop responsible for the death of the detainee is being charged with murder, how will the police interrogate the criminals in future? Can the soft way works without using any hard force? We might be cursing the police right now and acting smart by giving our damn ‘smart’ comments and saying that this should not have happen yada yada, but again like i said, put yourself in the police’s shoe and then think how you will react to solve the case if you need to… what will you do? Sigh…


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