Posted by: mylittlesnow | January 18, 2009

Aiya, itu KT loss only minor setback la, apa worry?

And so Najib says. Lets check out more cowdungs from this fella, ” We will seriously take note of the outcome of the result”…” I believe the people will return to Barisan’s fold. We will take immediate measures to ensure the support of the people for the coalition.” *yawn* Yeah right, after every loss, they will seriously look into the result. Losing 5 states is only a minor setback as well, then losing Permatang Pauh, and then now KT, it’s also only a minor setback la. So i was wondering at what level only it will trigger a major setback? Takkan wanna wait till when Pakatan takes over then only want to say, “Gosh, this is a big setback for Barisan…” Wouldn’t that be too late by that time?

Also, Najib further added that this loss does not reflect the people’s lack of confidence in him as incoming premier. Hmm, interesting, how in the hell did he know about that? I couldn’t help but feel that this guy is merely saying out what he thinks only, you know, the usual trait of BN leaders, ignorance. It’s ok la, we understand, totally not a problem at all. You think we have confidence in you, then we let you think like that looo. Sigh, lets just wait and see what happen next. Always on paper, we’ll immediately look into this, take immediate action and then after that *poof*,  forgot. Lupa-lah. Let’s just wait and see what BN will do or what is BN’s immediate action hor? So just sit back and watch… 🙂




  1. ayoo yoo its only minor setback,kah..kah..woi morons its the beginning of an empire strikes back

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