Posted by: mylittlesnow | January 5, 2009

Ancient method for gender prediction?

This website was referred to me by my friend. It’s a gender prediction based on Chinese Lunar Calendar. According to my friend, it has high success rate, so anyone wanna give it a try? Or what about existing parents, can you trace back and confirmed if the chart is correct? However, do take note that for that year, if you conceived prior to your birth month, then you should not consider your age for that year. Eg. birth date Nov 1970 and if you conceived on April 2008, then you’re only 37 years old and not 38 years old.



  1. u tried boh?

  2. yeah la… urs wan cun boh..?

    • haha…. mine cun or not? not sure…cause mine falls under 50-50…. one month boy, the next month girl…so not sure if it’s luck or really accurate…

      for pure accuracy…i will try the timeframe where it’s boy or girl for a few months straight…hehehe….

  3. Traced back my and all of my immediate family, and the success rate is rougly 50%. So, no surprise there.

  4. oh btw…i forgot to add that we have to +1 to the age of the female…because this is based on chinese calendar…and in chinese…we have to +1 to age.. 🙂

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