Posted by: mylittlesnow | January 4, 2009

Stop killing innocent civilians, you Israel gov a$$holes!!!

I know no shit about the history between Iz and Palestinian government, but i surely do condemn the recent bombings on Palestine by Israel gov. Don’t get me wrong, i’ve met a few Israel people at work before and they are very nice and wonderful people (and also damn smart!). But this stupid act of bombing and killing innocent Palestinians is making me puke at the Israel government. Apparently, the attacks is to stop some rocket launch towards Israel? My ass la, it’s like someone throwing a stone at your house and in retaliation, you drive out a tank and start blasting everyone outside your house. Shame on you Israel gov assholes! How many more innocent lives you want to take before ending this? Yucks! I hope one day God will punish you guys back and let you have a taste on the sufferings you inflict on others. Booo !!! a big Boo boo from freeweelee… 10 thumbs down even though i only have two. Stop it before it ruins your own reputation man !


5 Fuck You star ratings for Israel, and this is for all the innocent, normal peace loving Palestinians out there!



  1. a war involves two people. I thinki it’s unfair to but the blame one side without the other

  2. i know it’s a war…just go check out the Star’s newspaper front page today…look at a man crying for his 3 dead children, lying still on the floor… and where’s Israel’s casualties? looks very lopsided to me in this war… if the soldiers wanna kill each other, go ahead la, but we’re talking about innocent lives here man… the children…

  3. if you kena violated by a ceasefire treaty and then kena shelling everyday also you’ll become offensive… Malaysia is biased probably based on religion and The star is a media controlled by government. Just because the Israeli’s casualties pictures doesn’t make it to our shores doesn’t mean there isn’t any.. when war happens, there will be casualties on both sides.

    • hehe…yea… read properly…i never say it’s wrong for Israel to defend itself… but it’s the way how Israel simply rampage through Gaza, good or bad people don’t care, all just hentam…

      itu militant Hamas quite cheeky also…go fire small small rocket… kill also not more than 5 ppl…
      but many Gaza people suffer now lor… terrible… stupid gov… both side also useless…

  4. agreed!

    point is how to settle a hatred that has been rooted for more than a millennium!

  5. shame to you israel killers of children and wemen,if y’re strong kill hamas army but i nkow that it’s easier to kill children whith targets and tanks, i don’t thank that israel is human.

  6. i thank that israel is loosing for that it targets civilians

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