Posted by: mylittlesnow | January 4, 2009

New scam/fraud tactic in Malaysia?

Here’s how it works. You get a call from a stranger, but that ‘stranger’ introduced himself or herself as XXX, and started asking you ‘How is it going?’. Startled, you asked back the person who is he and he started to act as if you’ve met before long time ago, and that bloody stranger even dare to taunt you that you forgot about him already, making it as if you’re really that forgetful for missing out such a friend. And he will try to ask a few friendly questions, as if to get the conversation going and then finally, he is asking you to go out for a drink, yam cha la.

The thing is, i have two confirmed cases from two different person, having similar experience of being invited out for yam cha at the very same place. Looks like these scammers work as a group. God knows what they are up to once you accepted their invitation and go over to meet them.  I don’t know how these fellas obtained phone numbers but i doubt it will be hard. Maybe it’s just a recruitment for MLM stuff, but it could be other things as well. But just try to be careful. It ain’t a safe place anywhere in the world right now anymore. Too many scams and fraudsters around so it won’t hurt if we are more careful.



  1. I don’t like it when someone calls u up, and says..”Lets get a drink, I know how you can make money”, and you go “Yeah??? This is not one of those MLM things or the Alke#, AmWa#, CN# things, I hope”.. and they go… “No.. No.. we should meet first.. ”

    and when you finish the whole shit of their explaination, they go.. “Actually, we were known as Amwa#, but this is something new and different”…

    Crap la…. Even worst if its done by someone you consider a friend or family member.

  2. If you want to help people who get victimized by scam, post the incidents to messsage boards or to, so everyone and check for scam whenver they feel anything fishy!!

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