Posted by: mylittlesnow | January 1, 2009

Celcom 3G broadband, nothing much to shout about…

Well well well, finally i subscribe to a 3G service la, not because i wanted to, but i really need internet access for a short period of time so Celcom’s 3G service seems to be the best option for me because there isn’t any contract at all. Unlike Streamyx, we are bounded by the contract to subscribe at least 1 year before we can cancel the service. And furthermore, the idea of being able to go online almost anywhere in Malaysia sounds like a very attractive option for me la. So i headed over to a Celcom store and the registration itself was easy peasy. Just a two page form and paid RM68 and i got myself a 3G sim card. Was told that it will need about 4 hrs before the connection will be activated, well, no problemo for me. Tried logging in later at night and it works straight away.

So how’s the performance? Aiseh man, when it comes to this, i will rate it as so-so only. Well, i’m only getting the D68 package, which is 384kbps unlimited connection. My expectation is that i should at least able to surf the web smoothly as well as viewing Youtube videos without any problems. That’s it, no torrent downloads, never mind. At first, i’m getting HSDPA connection and everything seems smooth. But after a while, the connection will sometimes drop to UMTS or even GPRS. And worst still, when it’s night time, somehow it will always drop to GPRS connection. And also, once in a while, the connection will just hang and i will need to restart all over again and reconnect.

So, what’s the verdict? As much as i hate Streamyx for not giving us the best deal (hey, they are charging RM110 for 1Mbps line ya know! Ain’t that cheap!), i have to admit that Streamyx still provide the best internet connection for Malaysian users. EDGE? 3G Maxis or Celcom? Sorry la brudder, they are still way behind when it comes to the stability of service but in terms of coverage, i think i will rate it as good becuase most of the time, i’m able to get the 3G signal. In summary, I really rather get a normal 384kbps Streamyx line, which i feel is much more stable and also faster compare to Celcom 3G. I think i’ll just continue to subscribe to Celcom 3G for as long as i need it within these few months, where after that i am likely to cancel the service. 🙂

p/s: I forgot to mention that i can’t even use video call via MSN. The image just stuck and lag like hell. So this celcom 3G is really only good for web surfing and that’s it. pls don’t expect more or else you will be disappointed.



  1. That was really insightful. I’m waiting for Digi broadband, but I also have to admit that Streamyx is pretty cheap for the speed. Only problem its not portable.

    However, I do experience frequent disconnections over a week. Don’t get why that is happening.

    • err… for Streamyx, i hardly get any disconnection, let me tell you, once you start using Celcom 3G, i think you will be damn thankful on Streamyx. This bloody Celcom 3G keeps on dropping from HSDPA to GPRS speed only and i have to disconnect, plug out the modem, plug it back in and reconnect again in order to achieve back HSDPA connection. And the connection can’t last long,so even if it claims to be able to be online 24/7, it’s a whole lot of bullshit, cause i can’t even connect more than 3hrs straight without getting stalled connection or dropping to GPRS speed…

      • “once you start using Celcom 3G, i think you will be damn thankful on Streamyx.”

        i like your phrase… LOL

        im also using celcom.. but the connection will not responding (download rate = 0.00kbps) eventhough connected to WCDMA… demm…

  2. bro – which modem you are using la? and are u using it in Penang only? 😀

    • i use it in penang as well as other state la… using the huawei modem… 😛 E220 modem i think….

      actually even when i receive HSDPA signal around 3-4 bars, the speed also not really fast leh…

  3. RM68/month – i thot the speed is like only 384kbps only? 😀 maybe that’s the reason kot….

  4. Streamyx is better when you get good line.
    Last time my streamyx disconnect n times per day.
    But my neighbour accross the street gets stable speed of 1.5Mpbs.

    Complains a lllooooooooot of times but nobody knows how to solve it……

    Going to get celcom broadband soon. Is there any penalty when cancel the service within one year?

    • well bro, buy the modem urself and then subscribe to celcom and you won’t be under contract….
      was told that you can cancel anytime…even after one month…
      i’m going to cancel mine after 3 months…once i don’t need to online anywhere… 🙂

  5. Thank for you info kevyeoh

  6. Try bandluxe modem made in taiwan should be better than made in china huawei or zte if your modem always faulty

  7. i agree with you kevyeoh. i used HUAWEI celcom3g broadband almost 4mths, its seem rubbish to me. i apply for high speed & pay for98/permth but its nothing. never stable.never reach even 1.0mbkh.i think will terminate my celcom3g & try maxis.really bad even in town.

  8. my huawei was sold is made in china..when i asked customer service for other modem which i saw at the celcomcentre which is from ireland,they said no more stock.i bought my huawei modem at rm699. when i do survey, it too expensive,some more its from china & no SIRIM label.i still argue to them till today

  9. my maxis broadband speed using Huawei E220 modem

  10. hey bro..i just want to know if use the celcom 3g RM68 per month need to pay extra money if surf certain website,because this is my first month of using this service la..

  11. RM68 package is unlimited…if i’m not wrong…u should not be charged for visiting any ‘certain’ website… hehehe….

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