Posted by: mylittlesnow | December 30, 2008

I feel so stupid now…

Damn, sometimes you can’t even get the simplest question right. Please read below, it’s kinda straight forward question i believe, but i got it wrong!

Out of 10 persons, only one manage to get the correct answer.

One day, a man walked into a souvenir shop.
There was this souvenir he was interested to buy.
The price tagged $21, cost price of the souvenir was $18.
The man paid the shop owner with a $100 note.
Not having enough small change, the shop owner went across road to
exchange the $100 note with his friend and return $79 to the man.
The man left.
It was then discovered that $100 was a faked note.
The shop owner has no choice but to pay his friend with $100.

The Question:
How much the shop owner made loss in this trade?

Answer after the jump.



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