Posted by: mylittlesnow | December 28, 2008

What the fuck is wrong with Hudud law?

So how do i start with this? Hudud law. Hmm, a few years back if you start talking to me about Hudud law and it’s implementation, it will definitely send shivers down my spine. Damn, i was quite anti Islamic stuff back then. Everything about Islam and Hudud is bad, yeah, real bad. Actually the only thing i remember about Kelantan’s Islam law is where the guys and the gals supposedly lining up in different queue at supermarket’s counter. Besides that, it’s the HUDUD law. Yeah, it sounds like some HOODOO stuff, or VOODOO stuff that makes you feel creepy. Like those black magic stuff ya know.

But then, after getting to know a bit about Hudud law, and also after some serious shit thinking about it, i started to realise why the big fuss over this Hudud law? Afterall, it’s suppose to be a law and if ya ain’t breaking the law, then why scared the shit out of it? Why making such a big hoo hah over this Hudud law? If every one is a law abiding citizen, then i am damn sure we don’t even need this Hudud law or should i say, no one can enforce this Hudud law at all if there isn’t any crime. And what’s wrong with cutting off a person’s hand if he’s guilty of stealing? Hell shit, not only that, i would also like to propose that we should castrate those who committed rape. And slowly chop off each fingers of those who commited snatch theft.

So seriously, why the big hoo-hah over this Hudud law? Just make sure you do good, be good, loves everyone and if that’s the case, apa takut? Hudud, then Hudud la. Saying that, although i don’t have any objections with Hudud law, i still find it weird that both guys and gals cannot be in the same queue. Weird… this is really weird… and i still can’t accept this, but not the Hudud… 🙂



  1. Ahh… I guess it’s not really the law that people are worried about. It’s the Islamic sense it brings that most are worried about.

    And yeah, men and women not standing in a queue is kind of weird 😛 Even more weird is the fact that beautiful women are asked to stay home and make babies while those ‘ugly’ ones go to work and earn money. *WINK*

  2. and oh… dun even get me started on putting the lights on in cinemas!

    • har? kena put lights on in cinemas wan ar? sheesh, these are the weird little things that we cannot accept…otherwise, i have no problem with the punishment for crimes committed… 😛

  3. Well,the law is very much truly to prevent crimes. Only criminals/the guilty ones will always thinking of against the law. Do we really know who we are? Where do we come from? Where will we go?
    Ask The Almighty.

  4. whatever laws, it’s not what they are…it is whether they are humane or not…whether they are subject to abuse or not…whether they become a tool for wicked men to use against the innocent…see their inhuman use in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iran, Somalia, etc pro-hudud countries where hudud is widely used by men, esp. religious bigots/zealots, who act like they are gods. No way will I support inhuman laws which are irreversible in the event of wrong judgement/sentencing! I speak on behalf of those who had/have been wrongly accused and setenced! Such laws belong to the dark ages, perhaps. They cant come from a good and fair and loving God. If a man is God-fearing, he wont break any of the ten commandments of God. A God-fearing person is obedient to God and therefore wont break any law that satisfies any of the ten commandments of the true and living God!

    • ahh…btw…if between Hudud and ISA, i’ll choose Hudud anytime first over ISA… 🙂

  5. di hospital hari-hari org kecing manis kena hudud tak sapa pun petikai pasai nak safe satu orang tapi hudud untuk safe masyarakat satu negara kenapa nak kes tak faham

    • garau,
      memang pun… betui cakap hang tu…

  6. If this country wants to be known as Muslim country then hudud is necessary…just off the title of Muslim country if hudud cannot be applied..that’s all

  7. this hudud is for muslim only, not kacau for none muslim ma.. so what you ll care about?

    • yes exactly… you are right…as long as it’s applicable only for muslim… then why care?

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