Posted by: mylittlesnow | December 21, 2008

For goodness sake, Chong Wei, please win at least one title as world no 1?

I don’t know how Chong Wei feels, but it’s about time he win at least one damn title as the current world no. 1. Have you ever seen any title-less worlrd no. 1 out there? Damn malu la if you go around telling people that you’re world no. 1 but then most of us out there don’t even remember a single title that you win this year. So with the withdrawal of Chinese shuttlers, i really think this is the best chance for Chong Wei to capture his maiden title this year as world no. 1. I will definitely tune in to watch the match later today but i hope he don’t blow up his chance this time around, again! Otherwise, he will definitely be the lousiest world no. 1 in history!

And lets not forget KKK and TBH partnership, with both of ’em having so much promises earlier on, only to choke and suffer massive drop in form later on after capturing the All-England title. Hopefully this time around, they are on the road to recovery and regain their top form. And finally, kudos to Chin Ee Hui and Wong Pei Ty. Out of the blue, they have been storming the women’s doubles badminton with consistent performance and it will be a real icing on the cake if they can win today.

So remember, don’t miss it today at 2pm, Astro channel 816.



  1. All of them won… hooray! Lets hope they can carry the momentum to next year. But knowing Malaysians, lets not hope too much.

  2. At least he won yesterday.. but with no Lin Dan.. it wasn’t that convincing..

  3. well… no lin dan ma… the way i see it… there’s 3 different class of players now…

    Lin Dan, followed by Chong Wei…and the rest of the world… 🙂

    Is Lin Dan really that good and unbeatable? Or Chong Wei’s mental strength not good enough? Look at how he beat other players? it’s like untouchables at all…but when Chong Wei meet Lin Dan..he’s like a school kid playing against a top player…

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