Posted by: mylittlesnow | December 18, 2008

EPL clubs should buy Maggi Mee Managers

Judging by the way the EPL club managers are being sacked, i think all managers should emulate the success of Maggi Mee. You see, Maggi Mee is cheap and the tagline goes ‘Mee Maggi, cepat dimasak, sedap dimakan’. All done in 3 mins and you can enjoy a cuppa or should i say a bowl of curry flavoured instant noodles. So I guess when the any of the EPL clubs is hunting for a manager, they should their potential candidate, ‘Have you heard of Maggi Mee?’. And they should tell the candidate that they expect the soon-to-be-hired manager that they want instant noodles success. They don’t want to get a team assembled and mount strong challenges for titles/cups in 3 season, but they want to do is in 3 minutes matches! So what to do? This is modern day football ma. So pity those managers kena sacked this season la, about 6 of them in total with Paul ‘Guvnor’ Ince being the latest. They should have eaten Maggi Mee first before accepting their job, haha!



  1. Yeah, the pressure of the EPL is getting higher since the moolah to REMAIN in the league is CRUCIAL for clubs…

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