Posted by: mylittlesnow | December 15, 2008

Goo goo gaa gaa goo!

Goo goo, ga ga ga ga… goo goo goo goo… ga ga… ga ga goo… *chuckles*… goo goo gee gee ga ga ga ga ga ga…goo goo go ogoo… *ahhhh cho000o*… *blink blink*…. goo goo ga ag ga ga ga… goo goo….ga ga ga ga ga….gaaaaaaaaa…. gooooooooooooo… *yawn*….

my new language for a few months to come… 🙂

too tired to blog as i haven’t slept for the whole night and i am really feeling drowsy right now. Gotta catch some sleep and wake up a few hours later and it’s back to…

goo goooo gaaaaa….kekeke…goo gooo goooo ga ga…..

Update, 10:40pm

Ok, as per Athena’s request, here’s the very first pic!

my little snow

my little snow



  1. hey new daddy..must post pic!!!

  2. hehehe..bagus bagus…

    comel sungguh la ur kid!! can’t wait to see her!!!

  3. Cute baby…. now u already become papa, so must “sang seng” (behave) a bit 😛

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