Posted by: mylittlesnow | December 12, 2008

Artifact discovery at my house backyard

I came back from work today and my father came to me, in a very excited manner and told me, “Come look what your grandfather left us”. Hmm, i thought, ok, lets see what’s the big fuss is all about. According to my father, apparently my grandpa told him previously that he buried this tool last time and my father recall about this when he was clearing our backyard. So he dug up this particular tool and it’s damn heavy. Can’t really figure out what the tool is used for, but pap told me that it was used to grind soy beans? Check it out. And yes, i don’t know what to do with this ‘artifact’ at the moment. Seems kinda useless to me but then my father say it’s an artifact, so that means have to keep it ar?

Anyone wants soy bean milk, the old school style?

Anyone wants soy bean milk, the old school style?



  1. the grind stone is a very kool thing.
    sitck a big stick in that hole on top,
    & you can grind other crops too
    to make flour of all types.

    its not a fair trade for loosing your grandfather
    but it is a good thing to save and even use.
    trust in his legacy he saw beyond the glitz
    of this modern technology that is fleeting.
    I”m to move where I’ll be plugged in to the techonology grid- it makes me feel a bit uncertain,
    i produce my own heat with a wood stove
    at our new place i could freeze.. like most of the folks in the eastern seaboard who have no power tonight. ;8^/ the weather guessors predeict weather of -10F tonight! brrr!

  2. haha….it is a good tool, the soy bean is ground much finer using this old thing than any modern contraption

  3. seriously, i can’t lift this sh*t alone…it’s so darn heavy you know…

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