Posted by: mylittlesnow | December 10, 2008

Landslide tragedy, no point finger at me only pls, says Gov…

You know what, i kinda agree this time with what our Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek said, saying that it is unfair to blame solely on one authority only. He further added that there are three parties involved here, gov, developers as well as the buyers. Hmm, quite true. You see, you can blame the gov for not taking any actions since Highland Towers tragedy or whatever numerous landslides occured over the past 20 years and no actions taken so far. True, very true, semua cakap kosong aje and no concrete actions taken.

So on the other hand, if you’re a buyer, are you going to continue staying at that place or buy up a house over there at Bukit Antarabangsa, after knowing that so many landslides have occured over the past years? If it was me, i would have sold my house immediately if there’s a chance and just move out from there once and for all. Afterall, safety comes first. And actually, i do know that many Malaysians out there are just simply ignorant. They (at times, including myself) don’t wanna take any precaution on their own and whenever any issue arises, they just point the finger at everyone else except themselves. And that’s it. 

Come on, we’re staying over here at Malaysia and by now, you should know how ‘efficient’ our authorities are. And do you expect them to cover every single lubang out there to ensure your safety? Dey, wake up la, if you’re still sleeping. We’re in Malaysia and that’s a fact. If you wanna wait for our authority to do the right thing, implement actions to prevent further landslide or any other issues out there, then i pray your wait is worth it la. For me, i think it’s better for us to take the matter into our own hands (if we are able to), rather than relying on those big fat bastards who only show face a while and give super-sweet-to-ears press conferences at tragedy sites. Takkan 20 years of past history is not yet good enough for us to learn this important lesson, which is to never trust those big fat bastards?

So think about it. Are you going to wait somemore for someone to do something, or if you can, you do it right now, rather than regret later? What’s the point of suing the government later on when someone you love is already gone? No amount of money on earth can replace that person and as the saying goes, it’s better late than never, so it’s still not too late to take action now… So what’s your decision?


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