Posted by: mylittlesnow | December 8, 2008

Landslide not yet kao tim, then express bus crashed again?

Deja vu feeling huh? How many times have you heard about express bus crashing over here in Malaysia? I don’t think all of us need to be reminded of the stats regarding express bus crashes that happened over the years and yet, life goes on as usual for all of us over here. It’s like nothing has been done at all and there wasn’t any serious public outcry over this issue. So what? Seems like all of us here are watching history repeating itself again and again. What is the root cause? Lack of maintainance for the busses? Or was it due to the heavy downpour or poor road conditions? Or it’s the attitude of bus drivers? Malaysia apa pun boleh, but when it comes to settle serious problems, apa pun tak boleh. Kanasai!



  1. 1993- After Highland Towers,there was hugh cry to stop hillside Condos/projects. After about 2 years (so called)”Studies showed positive strength in soil condition”. So all projects glamourously RESUMED!!! Another landslide,15 years later…STOP order ECHOED..!! WHAT NEXT?? Peoples response does not work.Why waste time asking for response..UNPLUG THE ROOT CAUSE PLEASE,B4 MORE TRAGEDY COMES AROUND AND MORE PRECIOUS MALAYSIAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS LIFES ARE LOST.

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