Posted by: mylittlesnow | December 7, 2008

Stop all hillside development in Malaysia, period!

How many more lives must we lose in order to realize this? How come time and again, nothing has been done to stop hillside development? You see, now another 4 lives gone just like that. And it’s only around Ampang’s hill area but if you look around Malaysia, i’m sure you can find many more places like this where the hills are over developed and it’s a matter of time bomb ticking. You look at Penang Hill and i’m sure you can find lots of bald patches. So to Malaysian government, how many more lives you wanna see gone before you act? Time and again after each tragedy, there seems to be a quick ‘containment’ action, calling all stops to development but then after a while, when everyone forgets about the tragedy, and there we go again. Sometimes it’s sad to see such tragedies happen like it’s in a cycle, after a few years, you see another incident and then wait for another few years and again and again. Dang… i’m pissed right now, because this time, we’re talking about lives and it’s not a matter of losing $$$ or time, but it’s freaking human lives we’re talking about here. It’s about time the relevant authorities take serious action, by all means, ban hillsidse development once and for all, and plant more trees or use various other options to prevent soil erosion. Sheesh…




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