Posted by: mylittlesnow | December 4, 2008

Badminton Guide: Part 3

Today, i’m not going to dwell anything on techniques, strategies or strokes about badminton, but i’m just going to talk about something very simple, where everyone can do it but time and again, they fail to remember this rule, the most important rule of all, i would say. This rule can be applied to any other games as well. So anyone wanna try to guess what is the rule all about?

Ok. Drum roll please… the most important rule when playing badminton is, DO NOT MAKE STUPID MISTAKE ! In other words, don’t make unforced errors! Try getting someone to sit beside the court when you’re playing and ask him to count the numbers of unforced errors you make and i think you will be shocked to the ground when you see the stats! Yes, not many people realise this but most of the time, when you lose points, it’s due to your or your partner’s unforced errors. That’s why i say it is the easiest but then many people fail to take heed of this important rule!

So how not to make unforced errors? Well for a start, if you are not that good, then don’t play fancy shots! As simple as that. In fact, try watching all the world class matches from various Opens tournaments and you will notice that most of the top class players just play simple yet accurate shots! Well of course we are not world class players, so don’t aim for the shuttle to land directly on the line but aim a lot more inside, as long as you hit the shuttle over the net to your opponent, then there’s a high chance that your opponent could make the unforced error instead. In short, just get your shuttle over to your opponent’s side and make sure it’s in! And remember la, don’t make a drop shot where the shuttle is like one foot above the net, if that’s the case, people can easily tap you. If you’re in deep shit when retrieving the shuttle, lift it up high to the back so you can steady back your position.

So remember, try to lower down the number of stupid mistakes you make and i can guaran-damn-tee you that you will see improvement in your games. If the skill level between you and your opponent is almost about the same, then whoever makes the least mistakes will definitely win the game. Even for someone who’s very skillful but then make a lot of stupid mistakes like smashing into the net or hitting the shuttle out of court, he will not win the match. So good luck and try to always remember this rule, again, DO NOT MAKE STUPID MISTAKES ! Apply the K.I.S.S rule, 🙂

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