Posted by: mylittlesnow | December 3, 2008

Aiyoyo Mr. Mukhriz, damn funny la you…

Bwah hahahaha, today i open up the Star newspaper and on pg N8, sayz “Mukhriz: I did not call for schools to be closed down”. Bwah hahahaha, hey, this bloody flip flop disease really do spread across far and wide huh? Our dear Mr. Muhkriz further clarified that he did not call for vernacular schools to be closed down but instead, he said that the system should be one. Aiyoyo, of course la you don’t mean that you want the schools to be closed down, what you want is to turn all the chickens into ducks only, right? Aiyoyo, your intention so holy and good eh? You just want to turn all other chickens and other bird species out there into ducks, so there won’t be any birds polarisation, cause this is the only way ma. Right, i feel you bro. And here’s what he said further, “The school remains the same physically and it is the system that needs changing where the medium of teaching would eventually be one, which is Bahasa Malaysia, except for Science and Mathematics.” Bwah hahaha, in lay man’s term hor, what he meant was to all birds out there including chickens, peacocks and yada yada, don’t worry la because you still will have a beak, you still have wings and two feets and you can still have feathers as well, but the thing is ya’all gonna quack now instead of cuckle-doo-a-doo or chirps lor. Don’t worry, everything remains the same physically. Hehe. So i hope i made this clear so that everyone can understand our poor Mr. Muhkriz la. Or else he’s gonna get more flak lor. hoo hoo hoo… Quack quack! Yellow duck coming !!! Time to change, i’m talking about Digi la, you think what leh?



  1. Personally, I think Mukhriz is calling for the right thing. We are not closing that the schools merely merging the systems into a unified system. If we chinese always cry foul when the government gives special rights to the Malays, i.e. matriculation, why are we still clinging on to our vernacular schools. You have to choose either one. You can’t have your cake and eat it!

  2. well…i don’t really get what he means by merging the system. Aren’t we all taking PMR and also the SPM examinations together? It’s the same? Merely that for Chinese schools, they emphasize more on teaching using Mandarin as the main language, but everyone still learn Bahasa Malaysia. And Chinese schools are not only for Chinese, they are open to everyone, malays or even indians can freely join chinese schools, as far as i know, Chinese schools never impose any restriction at all for entry. No need proof cause i’m sure there are definitely some Malays out there who studied at chinese schools before. So the main point Muhkriz brought up is because of racial polarisation. But i don’t think by implementing this one system thingie, he’s hitting the real root cause of it. I have so many friends from different vernacular schools who can mix freely with everyone. You see, when we’re in primary or secondary schools, we mana ada think about racial stuff at all? All this racial thingie only imbued in us when we get older, maybe at University level or after that only we started to think about all this racial stuff.

    So it’s not crying foul about any special rights of Chinese yada yada, it’s just about having more choices out there, whether you want to study using BM or Mandarin as your main language. It is the attitude and mindset that we should change, and it all starts from the leader up there. They can do a lot more to unite us. The message that our leaders convey can unite or break us, just imagine Abdullah Badawi come out and saying, let us all work together as one, i’m sure most of us will buy into that cause i supported him as well last time when he asked us to work together with him.

    Whatever it is, i am definitely not convinced that by having one system for schools, we will solve this racial polarisation issue cause in the first place, like i said, we’re not hitting the rootcause of the issue.

  3. By unifying the school systems it is not that not solving the thing, but it will be one step towards the right direction.

    And to answer your question about PMR/SPM, not all Chinese schools actually sits for that. They sit for some Unified Chinese School thingy. Not sure what is called.

    On the racial polarization, truthfully, in UTM, I still mix around with Malays and Indians. Mostly it is those people who are from Chinese schools tend to stick the the Chinese races. I never felt so distant from my own race until I went to UTM; where disability to speak Mandarin caused me to be ostracized by the so-called Chinese community. You say that the Chinese schools never stop anyone from joining them but have you seen how these ‘aliens’ are treated upon joining the schools.

    What is even sadder is that those Chinese-educated people who are more aware of the happenings of Taiwan & China compared to Malaysia!

  4. so far all chinese schools that i know of memang got PMR and SPM…maybe the chinese school that you mention is something like those private school type… we’re talking about national vernacular schools… everyone i know so far sits for PMR/SPM…i can’t think of a single person who’s taking some special unified school exam thingie, so i’m totally unaware…

    come to think about it again, no big deal. our education system is kinda screw up anyway, so one minute they think of something, they try to implement it, and the next minute, they decided that it’s no good and revert back to the old ways. So we shall see… hehe…

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