Posted by: mylittlesnow | November 30, 2008

What will you do when you know that you will lose your freedom in 3 weeks?

Yup, that’s the timeline set for me now. I don’t know if it’s gonna be 3 weeks or if it’s gonna be 2 weeks or maybe 4 weeks, but one thing is for sure, my freedom will definitely be coming to an end. For the past one year, i have seen many of my friends joining parenthood and i guess my turn is coming real soon. Can’t really imagine that 9 months will pass by so fast and suddenly, i’m kinda at a lost now, not knowing what lies ahead. Will it be a smooth sailing journey or will be it be like riding into war everyday? Bwah hahaha, God knows but i just have to brace myself and get ready for it. I’ve seen some of my comrades celebrating their new found joy but i’ve seen one or two getting into depression as well but one thing is for sure, freedom is coming to an end!

So what will i do for the last 3 weeks of my freedom? I think i’m gonna bring me wife and meself to cinema and catch a few shows cause i’ve heard that once that little one is out, there ain’t gonna be much time for cinema. I think i’ll also try to play as much games as i can cause i’m pretty sure those ‘bang bang’ sound from Call of Duty game won’t be allowed anymore later on. And what about those lovely sleep during rainy days, where i used to cuddle up and cover meself with a nice warm blanket and just don’t feel like waking up? Not anymore i guess? And what about uninterrupted sleep? And what about the nice outing during the weekend for a makan-makan session and to relax? Urrrgghh, now i’m starting to feel the heat man.

Whatever it is, i’m off to lepak outside right now and enjoy the night…



  1. you terrible la u…. it is not as bad as you think it is.. plus you have your parents around…

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