Posted by: mylittlesnow | November 28, 2008

A small boy and a big dog… amazing…

What a boring Friday and luckily there is an exhibition being held at Queensbay this weekend and it’s about ASIMO. For those of you who don’t know what ASIMO is, basically it’s an android about the size of a teenage boy. I’m actually pretty amazed at what this little human robot can do. The movement is pretty fluid and it can balance itself pretty well, cool! And btw, this little fella can actually run! darn cool eh? For those of you not able to come over to Penang, don’t worry, enjoy the clip below:

And then recently, my company’s internal newsbyte reported something about big dog. I was thinkin’, what the hell is big dog and then i saw the pics posted. Uuugghhh, it was damn freaking ugly and definitely does not look like a dog at all! but then after watching the video, again, i am very impressed. Of course unlike Asimo, this one’s a four legged version so it can definitely balance itself very well but the best part is, see how it recover from a slip at ice surface. Damn cool. Technology is really amazing huh? Definitely left me speechless…

And lastly, this is a much much better improved version of big dog. Check it out!

Enjoy and have a nice weekend!



  1. Interesting post.

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