Posted by: mylittlesnow | November 21, 2008

Abdul Razak sayz Najib never met Altantuya, and yeah, i don’t know who the hell is Najib :)

Damn funny isn’t it when you see Abdul Razak having a press conference and openly declare that Najib is not involved at all. Well, if he’s not involved at all, you don’t have to specifically highlight and say it out loud to everyone. The more you say, the more ppl will get suspicious. And by the way, who the hell he think he is? Ayam telor (am thelaw)? As if his words can convince people? If the only person Altantuya knows is Abdul Razak, and he himself is free from being convicted of murder, how do you expect us to trust you Mr. Razak?

And this is the best part:

When asked how he knew Najib was not involved, Najib’s former political analyst smiled, looked at his lawyers and then replied: “I just know.

Bwah hahahaha, what a load of bullshit! ya da ya da ya da ya da… i just know. Fulamak, that must be the best damn reply so far huh? Without any supporting facts or evidence, he can openly declare, i just know. Try saying that to the court la brudder. Like that no need forensic evidence, no need witness and no need everything else. In future, if there’s any court case, just ask the prosecution lawyer to say, “I know this criminal is guilty. No evidence, no witnesses, but i just know”.

Hehe, ain’t Malaysia an interesting place to live in? Looks like me, sounds like me but it’s not really me, cause i just know! 🙂



  1. Great piece of analysis from you, bro…really good!

    Keep it up and let’s send the murderers to hell!

  2. aiya, this case is private ma…soon-to-be father blows up his soon-to-be born son and mother.

    no need, no need, this is private!
    (remember this qoute by our soon-to-be….?)

  3. i think he’s speaking in negatives….psychological warfare!

  4. wayang ma.. i just know..what! I just know ma najis not know hantu tuya ma..altantuya knows ma mr. razak..najis father so i just know najis not know hantu tuya but najis father know her ma, same world now ma…haiyaak ini wayang mayak shok ma..mayak plivat

  5. haha…..ha………….

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