Posted by: mylittlesnow | November 16, 2008

You know you are damn fat when…

I was happily accompanying my wife for her routine checkup at one hospital when a lovely family came and sat beside us. The family consist of a husband, wife and one cute little daughter la. The mother is pregnant with her second child. So at one point of the time, that cute little girl went over to her mom and then her mom asked her, where’s baby? And that cute little girl then cheekily kissed her mom’s belly. Ahh, good girl eh? Then that little girl point towards my wife and she said, ‘auntie got baby baby’ and then she mimick the kiss on the belly that she did moments ago on her mom’s belly la. Then after that she look towards me and i smiled back at her. And then she said to her mom, ‘uncle uncle baby baby’. And she did that kiss thing on me as well.

Fulamak !!! *pengsan*… so the complete statement for the subject of my post is ‘You know you are damn fat when a little girl sayz that you’re pregnant with a baby!’.

*pengsan again*



  1. hahaha….kev…it’s ok la… see… got pompuan come and kiss you for free!!! 🙂

  2. wuahahah! damn funny… the little girl must be very cute… hehehe

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