Posted by: mylittlesnow | November 10, 2008

I don’t want to be a millionaire, i just want to be an angkasawan!

I was reading Niamah’s blog post and then i found out that our angkasawan actually got paid RM5000 plus salary and also given a car for his own use. Now this is something i don’t know and guess what, i bet that our angkasawan’s salary is being paid using our tax payers money. Now ain’t that great? We have already lost dunno-how-much of money from the angkasawan program and now we have another long term liability? Sheesh, great! I still don’t geddit why this guy should be paid RM5000+ just because he is our first angkasawan. Afterall, he’s a doctor! and i’m pretty sure he should be able to survive and find his own job if he’s not being paid by the gov. Come on, do you need to pay that much money for one guy to travel around and give talks to ppl, kononnya to inspire school kids to become the next bolehnaut, ooops, i mean astronaut la. Dey macha, i’m sure you guys succeeded la cause once the schoolkids know about this, they will start daydreaming about going to space and earning big bucks after that. Tell me where on earth do you see astronauts from any country out there who’s rich and wealthy now, that they are living like a superstar life out there? Do they do it because of the money or do they do it because it’s their ambition and also it’s a way to help their country? Did that Armstrong guy who landed on moon died as a super rich guy? I don’t think so right? So my point is, seems like our angkasawan guy or his father is complaining, sort of, that they don’t have enough money to cover their expensive. Dei, wake up la fellas, do what you have to do but don’t expect that your asses are gonna be covered until you die la. Afterall, you’re only an angkasawan right now and seriously speaking, i have not seen any significant contribution from this program yet. And please make sure that you do enough for what you’re being paid for. Period!

The Star report here.



  1. huh? i think u loose the plot ley.. the dream is not abt getting money/rich being angkasawan, but BEING angkasawan.. or etc. i don’t think the guy complaining abt the money too, but his father did.

    in fact, i had a feeling he’s kinda embarass to be called angkasawan when he knows he’s just a penumpangwan.
    but hey, that’s ur opinion btw.. it’s ur blog afterall 😀

  2. ya ya…i did write ‘…or his father’… so it’s his father complaining huh…

    anyway… from day 1, memang totally benci this angkasawan program already… cause totally no ROI…

    and maybe you’re right… he himself malu say he is angkasawan but being forced to admit he is one…cause if he didn’t admit…die la… sure kena kutuk lagi teruk…

    and yes, you are also right, it’s my blog and me can write whatever me wants…but there are comments available as well to counter my view…like what you’re doing now… hehe…

    p/s: how’s ur babai? read that he got a very terrible 360 x 2 spinning gasing accident?

  3. looking at it positively, we have made a baby step, but a step afterall. I know there are thousands of other thing we can do with the money, but I strongly believe the person who decided to this has a very far insight, things that most of us couldn’t see. But let me just leave it at that 😀

    babai is fine, the car also fine. His colleague was not so lucky though.. same spinning gasing at the exact location within 1/2 hr span.

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