Posted by: mylittlesnow | November 5, 2008

Comparison between Anwar vs McCain, see the difference ???

Well, both Anwar and McCain have something in common. They both lost in their quest to become Prime Minister and President respectively. But after watching McCain’s losing speech today, i realized how vast the difference is between the two of them. Prior to this, i don’t really care about McCain at all, and it’s Obama all the way, but after listening to his speech today, i begin to have some respect on him. Well you see, instead of being a sore loser and pointing fingers to various reasons for his loss, McCain urged all his supporters to rally behind the new president so that his country can move forward. He also said that while he lost, it is strictly his personal loss only as the people still win if they can work together as one and support their new president.

And back here in our very own kampung, instead of trying to help to unite the people together, Anwar tried to topple the government and his attempt failed miserably. End of the day, he will lose people’s trust, unlike John McCain, where i’m starting to respect him more now than before. It’s true i don’t really like the way my country is being governed right now, lots of corruption and lots of scandals but then, i really think that Anwar should just make the takeover as swift as possible and if it’s not doable anymore, then just forget about it and then just focus to become a strong opposition. This is the way to move forward, not to continue to feed the rakyat with baseless takeover allegations anymore. So i really think Anwar should learn a thing or two from this McCain guy.

Nuff said, click here to view the video of McCain’s speech, taken from MSN video.



  1. yeap i totally agree with you. Although the ppl were booing him in the background but he still stood by and congratulate Obama. A mark of a true gentleman!

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