Posted by: mylittlesnow | November 4, 2008

Why robbery cases on the rise in Malaysia? U know why ar?

If you notice, there have been cases of robbery recently all around Malaysia. The latest one was the ATM cash machine bombing, where the robbers managed to cart away RM25k cash from the ATM. So you must be wondering, wah, the robbers nowadays getting more and more daring huh and where in the blue hell is the police? And finally two days ago, i got the answer:

demonstrasi aje, pura pura dont move ok?

Freeze! psst: demonstrasi aje, pura pura don't move ok?

Aiyoyo, our police commandos busy showing off their skill in capturing robbers la, but the robbers in this case is for demonstration only la. The real robbers out there still managed to get away with the money. What you see in the picture, so damn gaya, but in real case, i don’t know what will happen.

Maybe they should just invite the Indonesian police to join our commandos in action to capture the real robbers. Afterall, we all have to spend about 1 semester for practical training back in the university days right? So the Indonesian police can take this as latihan praktikal la. Then it’s a win win situation. Real robbers got captured, and we have 2x police manpower, and the rakyat feel safe. 🙂


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