Posted by: mylittlesnow | November 4, 2008

Multilingual signboards, what the hell is wrong with that la?

Some group of people out there is trying to get some attention or they are just trying to stir up something. And the best part is, apparently, they are all graduates. Sheesh, all that they can show for their degree is making some hoo-hah over multilingual signboards. What is wrong with that la? Penang is a tourist destination, if having multilingual signboards will help, then so be it la. Gosh, if only they can put their brains to better use.

Malay NGO sues Penang over signboards
Athi Veeranggan | Nov 4, 08 4:52pm
The Penang government’s controversial plan to erect multi-lingual signboards in heritage zones to cater for the needs of foreign visitors will now turn into a courtroom battle.

Complete report at Malaysiakini here.



  1. whats wrong with multilingual signboards afterall penang is a destinatoin for foreign visitors.better still include arabic language too,they are better spender.these mangkok ayun better go to mekah and medinah ,see the signboards there.many could testify this.

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