Posted by: mylittlesnow | November 3, 2008

hahaha, flip flop beyond cure! habislah cam tu…

Another one to add to the list of world’s incurable disease. It’s called ‘flip-flop’. Symptoms of having this disease is you will find yourself saying one thing and then totally reverse the statement. At first, you will find that the whole process usually occurs within 24hrs but then gradually, it will take longer and longer for you to make a U-turn decision or statement. Well, there’s no known causes for the disease yet so far but it is highly suspected that if you belong to a certain camp of political party, then you have a high chance of contracting the disease. So far, victims seems to be focused on one particular country in SEA. Scientists all over the world are currently working hard to find the cure to this disease, but maybe the only way to cure it is to eliminate all possible known infected sources.

Latest occurance detected here.



  1. is this a disease?it looks more of an acquired skill over a period of uncheck balance.this so called freedom when being noticed by a group of alert intelligence then it became ‘flip flop’

  2. In facts this is Luna Disease… one infected this would lost its sense of balance, may say different things but do otherwise, may sound religious but do evil thing and so much more… rehabilation at mental hospital is the only chance to cure… LOL

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