Posted by: mylittlesnow | November 3, 2008

52-person trade delegation to South Korea? Need or not?

Actually, i knew that our Penang CM, Lim Guan Eng, had a trip to South Korea recently. And of course la, the reason given was to go secure some investment back for Penang. But what i didn’t know is there was actually a ‘strong’ 52 group of people in that trip. Fuuyoh, why do we need a total of 52 ppl ar? It was a 5 day trip and assuming that we have 8hrs per person each day, then in total there will be about 2080 man hours available for that trip. Hmm, i really wonder if we do need that much man hours to secure a so called 100million investment? And do you think it will be effective to have 50 plus people talking about the same thing? I doubt the meeting will be effective at all la. And then as usual, you will see BN leaders starting to criticize this move, labelling it as a waste of public fund. Aiyoh, come on la, if you want to talk about wasting private fund, lets start first with penang’s previous government. Lets talk about the Balik Pulau-Teluk Kumbar link and we’ll see how much is wasted on that project. And that’s only one of the many projects out there we’re talking about. So in summary:

To DAP led Penang state government

Stop comparing with what local BN leaders had done previously, come on la brudder, don’t come and tell us that previously local BN leaders have wasted much more fund and why they never say anything about it? Well, even if they waste RM1billion and then DAP led state government only waste RM10mil, you are no different compare to the past state government la. If that’s the case, i will also feel kena tipu already by you guys. You talk about transparency, accountability and what’s the ‘C’ for already? Credibility? the CAT la, you should know. So we will all be waiting for your comprehensive report from Lee Kah Choon la hor. Then only talk after that.

To local Penang BN leaders

Dey guys, last time waste so much public fund already still wanna tok-kok and act as if you guys are saints or what? Now only want to screw the state government on behalf of us ar? No thank you la. Go look at the mirror yourself first and then only come out and talk. sheesh…



  1. keh…keh…the pot is calling the kettle black,but who is blacker?.bn goons..we have waited 51 years for you to explain where and how you spend poor people’s money .your so called white paper to explain already black ,mirror mirror on the wall who is the greatest plunderer of all ! see it still shows bn goons .dont make noise la ,sure one dap led gomen will have to explain cos people now not so stupid one.

  2. well maw, kinda disappointed with DAP for making the comparison with BN…in the first place, they should not have compared…they should be different from BN !!! totally different! but maybe slowly, there are signs appearing…that sapa sapa yang memerintah, will finally succumb to greed and corruption?

    What the heck is Guan Eng’s wife doing among the 52 ppl?

  3. eh.eeh!!!. wife went along i didnt get that,yeah you got it right.LGE SHOULD take the tall order from the voters who wants a clean govt and for that matter free the state from all debts inclusive corruptions.the yard stick for a better run state is definitely not bn,if it is penangites are back to square one

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