Posted by: mylittlesnow | November 2, 2008

What does your PC *toot* or *beep beep* means…

Once in a blue moon, when we neglect our PCs for a long time and suddenly they decided to ‘punish’ us because of that, you will encounter problems like your PC simply won’t POST or boot up. And then they will send messages to you in terms of beep sounds, probably trying to tell you that enough is enough, i ain’t serving you anymore or simply telling us, go f4ck off! hehe, well, here’s a list of beeps and toots that might be useful to you to pujuk back your baby.

Very short beep
This problem is linked to your motherboard
Else it can mean that you are facing a problem with your system memory (BIOS AWARD)

Short beep
No problem

Long beep followed by 3 sequential short beeps.
This issue is linked to your Graphic card configurations

Short beep followed by three sequential long beeps
You are facing a system memory problem

Beep- PAUSE- Beep- PAUSE- Two sequential beeps
This error is linked to your CPU

Three beeps-PAUSE-Three beeps-PAUSE-Four beeps
You have an issue with the video memory

Three beeps-PAUSE-Four beeps-PAUSE-Beep
This is linked to an error with your Graphic Card

Four beeps-PAUSE-Three beeps-PAUSE-Beep
You have a system memory problem

Five short beeps
You are facing a problem with your CPU

Long constant beeps
It’s a system memory problem

Short constant and high-pitched beeps
The temperature of your CPU is too high

Happy troubleshooting!



  1. good post! just hope all reading and hoping to hear these beeps remember to check if they have buzzers connected to their mobos ;-p (or else the pc mayb givin u the cold shoulder treatment @.@)

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