Posted by: mylittlesnow | October 31, 2008

Abdul Razak Baginda acquitted, as expected-lah…

Blardy hell, logged into Malaysiakini website this morning and first headline is Abdul Razak Baginda acquitted. Wow, acquitted eh? So that left us with two members of the Special Action Force (UTK) being charged right now. So what the hell is those two fellas doing bombing up one defenceless lady from Mongolia la? Does it make sense to charge two of them only? Don’t we wanna find out the reason why those two fellas C4ed the poor lady? So this lady keep on harassing Abdul Razak Baginda and one day two fellas just decided to take action by themselves to settle the problem? Ain’t we clear that there’s definitely a link to Abdul Razak Baginda, so why he’s acquitted? i will never ever believe la that two members from a special force team acted on their own accords. Yeah, in your dreams la. Sheesh, and you know what, i won’t be surprised if those two fellas will be acquitted eventually as well. Put it this way, if someone ordered me to kill someone, and later this shit got exposed and i was caught and later i were to be sentenced to death for that action, do you think i will keep my bloody mouth shut? You think those two fellas will keep quiet and accept their death punishment? I don’t think so, no one is that damn stupid, even if they were promised that their family will be taken care of for life. No, i’m not buying into that, so my bet is, they will be set free or probably do a little time in the jail only for their actions. And the real dalang di sebalik batu tu, will still walk free among us. Damn… this is my fucking country’s ayam telor…

Malaysiakini report here. Do subscribe if you want to read the full report.



  1. The Malaysian Ruling Politicians are never short of playing the old tunes on the charts. Should the verdict shock me. Not the least. Until the leak on our roof is patched we the rakyat will coninue to be inundated by all these nonsense. Wait for the next GE 13.

    prof JOHN B

  2. URRGGHHH!!! Malaysian brand of justice!!

  3. Altantuya’ story

    One murder, one victim, one crime, one passion, one judge, one court.

    Many suspects, many charges, many witnessess many allbi, many testimonies

    O guilty, O charged, O offender, O culprit

  4. hahahahaha zulkilfli…

    i like the way you put it bro…
    0 guilty…0 charged, 0 offender..0 culprit..

    LOL…thanks for that good one bro…

  5. This is Malaysia’s dirty political system. MANA ADA SYSTEM. I’m so shameful being a malaysian.

  6. As expected. The man has been acquited. A kangaroo court. Verdict delivered by Judge Kangaroo

  7. zulkifli…dont forget got one more…………

    0 mentality

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