Posted by: mylittlesnow | October 27, 2008

Malaysian WD’s pair clinched Denmark Open 2008 !!!

All of us better savour this cause last nite, our Women Doubles pair of Chin Ee Hui and Wong Pei Tty won the Denmark Open 2008 title. Not bad, kudos to them and i think this is the first time ever any of our women’s double pair won anything in the international circuit. But rest assured, high chances are you probably won’t see a repeat of this act anytime soon. Remember Wong Mew Choo winning China Open early this year? Or remember the gallant run of Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong, clinching hattrick of titles back in 2007? That’s the way of our badminton players. Maybe they can only perform best when no one is heaping any pressure on them or when they are out of the spotlight. Or maybe as usual, they are mentally weak. Or maybe they easily get big headed, as if winning one Open tournament is a big deal and they forget that staying at the top is even harder. Let me quote you another example, remember Hafiz Hashim and his All England win? Look what happen after that, hehe. Need i put in more example? Ok, what about Lee Chong Wei? He is slightly better but then, he doesn’t really justify his position as the current world no.1 when he fail to win the recent Open tournament. So there you go, this is the state of our current badminton players and we’d better not put too much hope on them cause they usually fail us when it matter most. I just casually tune in to watch the Denmark Open last nite and was quite surprise to find out that Ee Hui and Pei Tty were playing at that time so i just continue watching the match. And they won after that, which is something of a surprise to me. So i think this feels better compare to the time at Beijing Olympics, when i was waiting in excitement to watch the match between Lin Dan and Chong Wei, only to see our dear Chong Wei being completely bulldozed over by Lin Dan. Enough said, lets see when our badminton players will spring a surprise again sometime in the future. Cause we never know when their ‘angin’ will come.


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