Posted by: mylittlesnow | October 23, 2008

When a bully says he’s not a bully…

Now picture this…

A big bully, who has been bullying someone all the time, was suddenly accused being a big bully.

Then the big bully go to find all his victims and grab them by their throats and ask them, “Am I a big bully?” And also, the big bully and his bully gang openly declare that they are not a bully at all. They say, “No, no, no… we never bully anyone. In fact, we are their friends”.

Hmm, interesting isn’t it?  😉

Should we listen to the bully himself or listen to the victims? I wonder…

Link to M’kini report here




  1. teacher! teacher he pinched me! no…no..nooo..i only touch her what..! we take your kwsp we no bully you..somemore you want to fight aah..go get your teacher lah.kevy! kevy!..

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