Posted by: mylittlesnow | October 20, 2008

Malaysian book of records: How many batangs of Sate Kajang can you eat?

Anyone tried Sate Kajang before? If yes, the sate is definitely nice and quite big in size isn’t it? Now suppose if i were to let you eat the sate in unlimited quantity, how many sticks of sate Kajang do you think you can gorge down? 10? Perhaps 20 at most? What about if i ask you, assuming there’s two person eating, how many sticks of Sate Kajang do you think they can eat?

40? haha, no, try again, 50 perhaps?

Ok, last chance for you to guess before i reveal the answer.



It’s 180 sticks of Sate Kajang, all the way down the stomach of two person. So on average, that means each person wallop about 90 sticks of Sate Kajang, or it could be even more if they are not eating the same amount of the sates. Amazing huh? Maybe i should start compiling a list of amazing stuff from Malaysians, and called it, Ridzal, Percaya ke tidak? (paiseh, not purposely perli those with the name Ridzal, but just because it’s close to the sound of Ripley’s). 



  1. I think i can manage 100+ alone, i usually can go for 10 satay (standard size) with noodles and with other thing together, once i manage 40 again with other food.

  2. brudder…standard size satay is like about half the size of satay kajang la… if i’m not wrong…

    all i can remember is sate kajang is really damn big in size…unlike the usual sate… for the normal sate…i can eat a lot as well…

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