Posted by: mylittlesnow | October 14, 2008

Malaysia ‘Double Standard’ Boleh !!!

Well, this is another case of clear cut double standard practice in Malaysia. Read it and decide for yerself.

Case #1

Sin Chew reporter reporting exactly what was being said by Ahmad Ismail that Chinese people in Malaysia are all immigrants. As a result of her 101% accurate reporting, she was detained under ISA and later we were told that it’s for her own safety. It seems that she’s only in danger for 24 hours during her detention and after that she’s safe already, till today. And also, both Sin Chew and the Sun were issued some sort of show cause letter, maybe something like a warning to them so that they will not ‘simply’ publish any report that could deem to be sensitive?


Case #2

Recently, it seems that Utusan is trying to fabricate a report to stir up some racial tension. Utusan reported that DAP Teresa Kok told a mosque in Kota Damansara to do away with loud speakers during azan as it was a disruption to some people living in the area. Teresa Kok had since clarified that it was all untrue and baseless allegations and heck, even the mosque officials themselves came out clarifying that it was faulty speaker problem! And then Teresa Kok decided to sue Utusan for defamation and now this is the best part (you know, the tenderloin part? the best? hehe), it seems that some UMNO division is gathering funds to help Utusan defend itself. And now they are trying to stir something up again by saying that if Utusan is sued, then the act itself is something like challenging the honour of Malays as the newspaper is owned by the Malays. Wert ?!?! If only you can look at me baffled face right now with my big round eyes wide open. Let me repeat it again, WERT ?!?!?! Like that also can? Teresa Kok sue Utusan due to inaccurate reporting, and she did not sue because Utusan is owned by Malays. If Sin Chew were to report this, i’m sure Teresa will sue Sin Chew as well.


Why wasn’t there any show cause letter being issued to Utusan? Why the reporter who wrote the 101% inaccurate report wasn’t detained for trying to stir up racial tension? Why eh? Well, if you’re in Malaysia, you don’t have to ask why cause the answer is out there. Don’t even bother try pushing for answers as i’m damn sure that you’ll get some brainless and illogical answer from our very smart minister, something like “We detain her as we fear for her safety”.

So do you now see the difference? Ahh… Malaysia… what a wonderful country isn’t it? I hope one day i’ll be able to stop writing something like this in me blog. The day when i don’t have anything to shoot and just shut up and enjoy me life. Ahh… that clearly remains a dream as of now…



  1. kevyeoh has uncovered Two(2) cases. Both involved a chinese and a malay.Two cases resulted in the conclusion that double standards is the malaysian way of life.This is a case of selective intellectual analysis.Surf soemore is not enough meh.Only two (2) ah ? sure or not ?Mah Ngah tong.

  2. well, these two were the most recent cases… two is enough anyway 😉

  3. These two recent cases are posted only becoz human have short memeories and short attention span.Also the flavour of the month on the menus is bash Utusan,Umno,and all the people they represent.Lucky for us those represented by Utusan,Umno don blog.Sumore English is not a fav language of Utusan ‘s readers and supporters.Mah.

  4. come to think of it…there’s only one example of reporter being detained under ISA la…and for case#2, i’m sure there are many more examples…ur right… probably it’s due to flavour of the month as well… but now… new flavour is helicopter purchase… 🙂

  5. Kev.agreed.Let see wat next on the thing though,anyone looking how the wirlybirds ar finance by ? tks cheers.

  6. If you ever been to those rogue nations in middle east, you will know why detention for your own safety by government is necessary for the citizens, it is another way of presenting a show cause letter to whoever tell or write the “truth”.haha..

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