Posted by: mylittlesnow | October 14, 2008

Be careful when you’re riding on Penang Bridge…

This is a very serious warning to all motorcycle riders out there. If you’re taking a ride on Penang bridge daily, then i suggest that you try to keep your speed slow. In case you didn’t know, there have been cases in the past where motorcyclists experienced punctured tyres when they are riding along the Penang Bridge and it seems that some idiots have been pouring nails over at the roadside of the bridge as part of sabotage attempt. Some fucking idiots apparently tried to make some quick bucks through replacing punctured tyres, but little do they know (or do they even care?) that their actions might result in death for some of their victims.

I just found out moments ago that one of my fellow colleague was involved in an accident along the bridge and it is highly suspected that his motorcycle crash is caused by those fucking nails strewn along the roadside. My fellow colleague was thrown off his bike and unfortunately, his head hit the road pavement when he fell down and now he’s warded at intensive care unit.

In China, we have idiots who mixed melamine into dairy products but in Malaysia, we have idiots as well who loves throwing nails on the road to sabotage ppl’s tyres. I have read before that the management of Penang bridge were planning to install CCTVs but i am not sure on the effectiveness of the action. But right now, just remember and be careful, if you ever need cross the bridge on a bike, ride carefully and do not speed.



  1. true story?? i’ve heard of this over email burst..but not 1st hand news!

  2. cause of accident not sure if the punctured tyre is caused by nails la…but the bike accident is true story… just suspect it’s most likely due to the nails thrown around along the bridge road…

  3. “shitting” stuff happened in China is expected and is allowed under communist rule, but not in Malaysia democratic government.

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