Posted by: mylittlesnow | October 13, 2008

World crude oil price now at USD80.64…

Ooo boy, i’m loving this. If you think we Malaysians can easily forget about what happened in the past, then you’re dead wrong. I am going to keep on posting about Malaysian petrol price issue until the day the Gov reduce it to a reasonable level. Right now, the world crude oil price stands at USD80.64. So are we Malaysians now paying for the ’30 cents subsidized’ price for the petrol? Even at USD80.64? Is the gov going to keep quiet and let things be as it is, happily let the rakyat paying for the ‘subsidized’ petrol rate? Or are they going to make it a permanent action to review the crude oil price on weekly basis to make sure that we are not going to be burdened?

I’m not happy with this but so far, all i can do is to highlight it in this personal blog. Anyone got any idea on how we can make our leaders review the petrol price?



  1. how to reduce ma..just negotiated eurocopter money must keep for that one.write petition but who to address pak lah or najib

  2. and our finance minister is also saying our economy is not facing recession wut….

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