Posted by: mylittlesnow | October 13, 2008

Flip Flop PM sayz: Trust Najib, forget Altantuya…bwah hahaha!

Hey, is our dear PM trying to tell us something? According to Malaysiakini’s report today, Abdullah told us to trust Najib and forget about altantuya’s allegations.

— Outgoing Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today told the nation to have faith in his deputy Najib Abdul Razak, who has come under renewed scrutiny over an alleged sex scandal involving a controversially murdered Mongolian beauty.

“I believe in him, that he would be a good person,” Abdullah told reporters after delivering a keynote address at the US-Islamic World Regional Forum this morning. 

Wow, Abdullah believed in him. But wait a minute. If Abdullah believed in him, so what? Do we believe in Abdullah given his past reputation of super flip flop, and i bet his flip flop is way much faster than the current 45nm die processor available in the world right now. Hmm, something’s not right. Are we suppose to include a NOT logic into his statement? So instead, is Abdullah trying to tell us something here? You know la, today is apple, tomorrow become NOT apple. So if he ask us to trust Najib and forget about Altantuya, what does that means? You go figure it out. 😉

Full report at Malaysiakini available here.

p/s: you can only read the full report if you are subscribed to M’kini.



  1. more excitments are in store for Rakyat…

    hahaha… Najis akan tetap jadi najis, kebanggaan hasil usaha bapanya… kekekeke////

  2. paklah is always a nice guy,ever heard him holding a keris?so he is telling if his nicest is not enough try najib ma

  3. aiseh…..can’t you see what pak lah is doing…. he’s a biggest snake… he’s playing it up that Najib is involved……

  4. oops..english error…

    he’s THE biggest snake!

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